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seo performance

SEO performance

As for WordPress, you have several methods at your disposal to optimize SEO performance. Let’s talk about them quickly:

  1. optimize your images.
  2. Clean up your database regularly.
  3. Use a CDN.
  4. Set up a caching solution.
  5. Use a solid WordPress hosting provider.

Optimize your images:

  1. Rewrite your images names and fill out your alternative texts;
  2. Compress images;
  3. Pay attention to image and Thumbnail dimensions;
  4. Improve Your image URL Structure;
  5. Create an image sitemap and send it through the Search Console

Clean up your database regularly:

WordPress site’s database is where all of your content and settings are stored.
It’s important, and finding the right WordPress database plugin will help you optimize your database and more efficiently work with it when needed.

Use a CDN:

“A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers in different geographic locations working together to get content to load faster by serving it from a location near the visitor”

Here are several reasons to use a CDN from Yoast website:

  • Speeds up your site
  • Reduces bandwidth costs
  • Adds scalability: improves availability and uptime
  • Improves security”

Set up a caching solution:

Fast websites create happy visitors. As such, site speed is used in Google’s search ranking algorithm. Users are more likely to spend a longer time exploring sites that load quickly, and less likely to bounce off. So cache plugins that can improve your page load time will also improve your SEO ranking.
By Cache plugins can also reduce site load time by decreasing the size and number of CSS and JS files..
In TDS we used the best plugin for cashing after we study the situation for you website

Use a solid WordPress hosting provider:

If you use Shared WordPress hosting. You’ll share everything, from bandwidth and storage space to support and security.
and after many studies, we found the below:

  1. Bluehost – best overall WordPress host, starts at $3.95/month
  2. HostGator– best for uptime, starts at $14.95/month
  3. A2 Hosting– best for customer service, starts at $7.99/month

If you think I missed some other crucial search engine optimization Performance basics, please let me know in comments!